Why Hardwood?

  • Hardwood floors are easy to maintain. If you take care of a
    few simple measures, your hardwood floors will last a
    lifetime. (Maintenance is outlined below.)

  • Designers love hardwood! Hardwood floors can fit into a
    variety of styles- from cozy, to modern, to rustic, to
    elegant- hardwood fits perfectly. Hardwood flooring
    promotes a refined feeling to your offices or in commercial
    settings- such as hotel rooms, or conference centers.

  • Hardwood may be healthier! Hardwood does not trap dust
    and allergens. The American College of Allergy, Asthma,
    and Immunology recommends replacing carpeting with
    flooring such as hardwood as the first step in reducing the
    frequency and severity of attacks.

  • Hardwood is affordable, and also improves the resale value
    of your home or building. Years after you install your
    hardwood floors they will continue to look beautiful and
    enhance your decor. Surveys have shown that houses with
    hardwood sell faster, and for more money, than houses
    without hardwood. Over time, hardwood pays for itself.

  • Hardwood is now environmentally friendly. Wood comes
    from nature, and a variety of other sources. Wood flooring
    may be recycled, reclaimed, salvaged, or from a
    sustainable source such as plantation teak. Some "wood"
    floors aren't even made from wood- bamboo, and cork fall
    into this category, as well as all laminates.

Sweeping with a soft broom and vacuuming crevices and
thresholds with a floor attachment are all the regular
maintenance you need. Occasional cleaning with a professional
hardwood floor cleaning product will maintain your finish
long-term. Do not use polish made for a vinyl or tile floor on
your wood floor nor waxes- they may dull your finish and make
it dangerously slippery. Do not use ammonia either- it can
damage your floor.

The bottom of furniture legs should be placed onto plastic or felt
glides to prevent scuffing or denting of floor surfaces.
Additionally, when moving large items, it is recommended that
the item be lifted rather than slid to prevent scuffing and
scratching of the finish.

Do not wet mop hardwood as this may cause warping of the
boards, if necessary- a slightly damp mop may be used- but
professional products are recommended. Use area rugs in areas
with which water frequently comes in contact, such as inside
doors or in front of the kitchen sink.
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